CERI began with its assisting activities on June 19, 1979. From the beginning it has been focused on the diagnosis and global assistance to respiratory infant pathology, counting with a significant pediatric interdisciplinary team, which has allowed to meet the founding purposes.

In 1980, the Department for Adults was founded as a response to a request from relatives of pediatric patients that suffering from similar pathologies wished to count with Interdisciplinary Assistance.

Both Departments from the start counted with professionals specialized in pneumonology, allergy, nose and throat, dermatology and psychology, allowing in this way to accomplish their first objectives. Auxiliary services of radiology, scanning, biologic laboratory, pulmonary function and auditory analysis laboratory allow a fast global diagnosis of the patient. This advantage is useful for consulting patients living in other provinces or abroad.

Currently, there exists strong emphasis in developing the Nose and Throat Department that counts with specialized doctors in Pediatrics and Adults, as well as with modern equipment, which allow more efficiency in the study of the higher air ways and in the rest of a related pathology, wherein rhinitis is increasingly relevant within respiratory affections of both age groups.

This last five years CERI has been associated with professionals well known in the field of Clinical Research, with the objective of developing a unit enabling the progress in that direction. With this purpose, it develops a course of Pharmaceutical Clinical Research wherein all medical, technical and administrative staff is involved, providing specific training and evaluating the acquired knowledge to be qualified to be part of said unit. Nowadays, the multi-purpose Unit of Clinical Research is meeting all the needs of sponsors and national and international regulations, developing phase II, III, and IV protocols, not only for the national industry but also for foreign industries.