The Pediatrics Department is integrated by a team consisting of medical pediatricians specialized in pneumonology, allergy, nose and throat, immunology, dermatology and pediatric medicine, that in collaboration with psychologists, speech and hearing specialists, specialized laboratory and the area of diagnosis by images, takes care of the diagnosis and treatment of the respiratory pathology of the lower and upper aerial route in a global and interdisciplinary structure.

The fact of counting on a system of unique and computerized Clinical History enables the assistance team to acquire the information on the conducted procedures and a proper follow up on the progress of the patient.

The pathologies of greater consultation are rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, chronic cough, recurrent laryngitis, etc. either of allergic origin or not. The infectious diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tracts are also of frequent consultation.

Allergic dermatopathies, such as urticaria and athopic eczema also occupy a high level of consultations.